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These entertaining, creepy, and fun decals are sure to get some attention and get people excited for Halloween!

Universal sizing fits most vehicles. The HallowDecal is durable, yet removable and will not damage your car with proper care. Clear snow for longer-lasting decal life.

Made with high-quality PVC for durability that still bends and forms. UV printed for long-lasting, vibrant color

*Before placing an order, please make sure to check your local and state regulations regarding window decals and exterior accessories.

Instructions to Apply

  • Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the rear window and wiper.

  • Attach the waving arm to the wiper. You can make slight adjustments to its position, moving it left or right as needed.

  • Prior to removing the decal's backing, align it with your preferred side of the wiper for positioning.

  • Carefully remove the decal's backing. Align it level and apply it to the window from the bottom up, ensuring minimal contact with the adhesive. Smooth out any wrinkles as you gently lay down the decal. If necessary, remove and reposition the decal. You can retain the paper backing for seasonal reuse.

  • Use a credit card or another thin, flexible object to push any wrinkles or bubbles toward the outer edges of the decal.

  • For optimal performance of the decal, ensure that your wiper blades are free from dirt and debris. Remember to remove the HallowDecal arm before going through a car wash.

  • When removing the decal, ensure that the temperature is above freezing to prevent tearing. Remove it indoors or use a blow dryer to warm it if necessary. Ensure that your hands, window, and decal are clean and dry. Start by lifting an edge of the decal and slowly peel it off. You can then place it back on the original paper for safekeeping. To remove the WiperTag arm, tilt it sideways and unlock. Keep in mind that the decal's reusability might be affected based on weather exposure.

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